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Paintball Gladiators is a paintball sports program produced by Bob Shano for public access cable television. The program is videotaped entirely on location in Scappoose, Oregon and showcases a group of young paintball players known as The Gladiators.  Each episode of the show features the Gladiators in action against other paintball players in a game known as arena paintball.  In arena paintball, teams have 20 minutes to try and score as many points as they can by advancing an orange cone across their opponent's goal line.  The team that scores the most points wins the game.  For the complete rules of the game, see the Games in Review page.
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The following is a partial listing of the program's sponsors:
    • Planet Paintball, Salem, Oregon
    • Paintball Pantry, Scappoose, Oregon
    • Warpaint International, Salem, Oregon
    • Danner Boots, Portland, Oregon
    • Armory, Forest Grove, Oregon


Dear Visitor: Thank you for your interest in playing against the Gladiators. In the past, we have had other teams ask to play against the Gladiators and to be on our T.V. show, but then, after we had gone through all the trouble and expense of renting video cameras, hiring a camera crew, hiring referees, and purchasing supplies, many of these would-be contenders failed to show up on the day of the game. Needless to say, something had to be done about this on-going problem because we were spending lots of money for nothing, not to mention the fact that we were just fed up with it. Anyway, our solution to the problem was to begin charging teams a nominal fee for the opportunity to play against the Gladiators and to be on our show. When a team comes up with the money, that's when we know they're really serious. If a team isn't willing to put its money where its mouth is, we just don't take them seriously. If you are seriously interested in setting up a game against the Gladiators, let us know. Additional information is provided below. If you still have questions, please feel free to call me at (503)543-3880. Sincerely, Bob "Sarge" Shano Producer

ELIGIBILITY: No one under 18 years old may participate without written parental consent. Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not participate. Individuals taking medication that induces drowsiness or loss of coordination may not participate. Individuals who are allergic to bee stings and forget to bring their epinephrine kit with them may not participate.
10:30 a.m. - Check In
11:00 a.m. - Orientation
11:30 a.m. - Walk The Field
12:00 p.m. - Lunch
12:30 p.m. - Chronograph Guns
1:00 p.m. - Game Starts
3:00 p.m. - Game Ends
FEE: $100 check or money order made payable to: "Bob Shano". Fee is non-refundable, except in the unlikely event that we cancel the match, in which case your fee will be refunded in full. Payment must be mailed in advance to the following address:
Paintball Gladiators
P.O. Box 1065
Scappoose, OR 97056
AIR FILLS: Bring your own bulk tank so you can fill your own back bottles. If you do not have your own bulk tank, you must call Sarge at (503) 543-3880 to make arrangements to have your back bottles filled on site. You will be charged for this service
PAINTBALLS: Bring your own paintballs. You can expect to shoot a lot of paint, so make sure you bring at least one full case of paintballs with you. If you would like to purchase your paintballs on site from our supplier, you must call Sarge at (503) 543-3880 and let him know. Unless you say something, the supplier will only bring enough paint for the Gladiators.
PLAYING FIELD DESCRIPTION: The game is played on a rectangular outdoor field that is 75 feet long and 50 feet wide. The field runs lengthwise along a gradual slope, making one side slightly higher than the other. There are goal posts and an end zone located on the north end and on the south end of the field. The sidelines of the field are plainly marked with yellow boundary tape. There are 16 wooden barricades located on the field. The barricades are wedge-shaped and range from 6 feet to 3 feet in height, with the tallest ones being located closest to the goal lines and the shortest ones nearest to the center of the field. They are staggered across the field in sets of two at varying distances from the sidelines and are set up on the field so that one side looks exactly the same as the other. Located at the very center of the field is a metal 55-gallon drum, which is where the cone sits.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: During check in, all players must complete a player waiver and a release form authorizing the producer to videotape and televise the game. The game will be played and videotaped on a "closed set". In other words, only the players, officials, and film crew will be allowed on the set. No visitors or spectators allowed. No pets or mascots allowed.
PROHIBITED ITEMS: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unload all guns before you arrive at the site. Make sure the chamber is empty too. Also ensure the gas tank or power source is removed or disconnected. Gun barrels must be plugged and remain plugged until the range goes "hot". Until then, there is to be absolutely no shooting or test firing of any kind.
FINAL NOTE: On the day before the game, get all of your gear ready to go, including a sack lunch. (The following checklist is provided for your convenience.)
paintball gun (unloaded)
hopper (empty)
barrel plug (inserted in gun barrel)
CO2 tank and/or CO2 cartridges (removed from gun)
adjusting tool
spare O-rings and repair parts kit
harness and loaders
shop towels
sack lunch
bee sting kit (if applicable)
QUESTIONS? Call Sarge at (503) 543-3880
P.S. We get a lot of E-mail from people who are looking for a place to buy a paintball gun.  To those of you who are still looking, we would like to offer the following suggestions. If you're looking for a source that's close to where you live, you might be able to find one by looking in the phone book under the listing entitled Paintball Games & Supplies.  Another place to look is in the Fields & Store Directory of a leading paintball magazine.  You could also call 1-503-370-8749, the phone number for Planet Paintball.  And finally, if you're looking for a major source of paintball equipment on the internet, just click on this link and check out their website. To those of you who are thinking about buying a paintball gun, we would like to offer some friendly advice.  If and when you decide to purchase a paintball gun, be sure to read the instructions first.  A paintball gun is not a toy.  A paintball gun can cause blindness and serious injury.  It should always be handled with extreme caution and respect.  Never assume the gun is unloaded.  Keep it pointed in a safe direction whenever you load or unload it.  Leave the gun on safe and keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually ready to fire.  Never fire the gun at a person who is not wearing approved paintball goggles and suitable clothing.  Keep the gun out of the reach of children and be sure to unload it and remove the gas cylinder before you put it away at the end of the day. And here's one more friendly word of advice.  When in public, never carry the gun in plain sight.  People might think it's a real gun and call the cops on you.  Keep the gun in a case or a gym bag so you don't cause a panic. Good luck. We hope we were able to be of some help and assistance to you. Sincerely,

The Gladiators

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